Satan is constantly trying to bring us down. In the dark moments in our lives, he uses depression and desperation to tear us away from the light and bind us to his evil purpose. But we can resist him if we are strong. 

Breaking the Cycle of Bondage, Tracey R. Nix shares the times in her life when she felt restricted by Satan’s bondage. Getting an abortion as a teenager left Tracey spiritually vulnerable and into a spiral of unhealthy behaviors. Later, her husband’s infidelity shattered her reality. Satan had her in his grasp and showed no signs of letting go. 

Despite Tracey’s despair, she never lost her faith in God. Through Bible study and prayer, Tracey broke free of Satan’s cycle of bondage and embraced God’s cycle of freedom. Now she wants to help her readers do the same. 

Using her personal experiences as examples, Tracey provides a detailed guide to recognizing unhealthy behaviors that stem from personal trauma. In drawing from the wisdom of the Bible, she offers a way out of the darkness and into God’s warm, eternal light.



6/13/2020: Women with Mustard Seed Faith -Zoom Online Women's Conference

Women from coast to coast unit to encourage you through stories of women of the bible who have exercised faith during difficult times. You will be blessed and inspired by these dynamic women. There is no cost to register! Please help us share the word with women you know who could an encouraging word. The deadline to register is Friday, June 12 at noon so don’t delay! 

2/8/2019 - 4/5/2019: Spiritual Cleansing Workshop Series

5/19/2018: Spiritual Cleansing Workshop Series

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