Tracey was born and raised in the Midwest. She has been in ministry for over 15 years and was ordained as a pastor in 2005.  Pastor Tracey’s dedication to her calling can be evidenced in her numerous activities designed to spread the Word of God.  Through home and church bible studies and leadership trainings, she has employed practical hands-on approaches with curriculum she developed. Over the years, she has ministered to married couples, divorcees and young adults and volunteered at battered women shelters and prisons. In 2012, she began the journey to write her first book: Breaking the Cycle of Bondage: A Journey to Wholeness. She has begun her new journey to complete the workbook to go alongside her book.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in special education, a master’s degree in guidance and counseling, and a doctorate in special education.  In 2017, Dr. Nix went back to school to seek a Ministerial Certificate for Pastoral Ministry. She enjoys learning and teaching and will always be a lifelong learner.

Her current work in education focuses on preparing teachers for urban settings, culturally responsive teaching, and supporting marginalized children and their families. Through her educational career, she received numerous academic awards and honors that facilitated her successes. She remains committed to the academic and spiritual maturation that has enabled her to become a published author and public speaker.


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